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The  wording  somegavesomegaveall is a registered TM ® and its use is reserved for Gold Star families, foundations, or Military organizations.If you meet any of these requirments please call for the nessessary documents.

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What is the "Our Heroes" Flag?

"Some Gave, Some Gave All"  This is a Registered Tradmark®

Those immortal words serve as a reminder to all Americans that our great country was built by the sacrifices of heroes. The "Our Heroes" flag was designed and produced by Tom Hewitt and his niece Anne Walker for the sole purpose of recognizing and honoring our Armed Forces.

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History of the "Our Heroes" Flag

This flag was conceived, designed and produced by Thoma Hewitt and his niece Anne Walker for the sole purpose of honoring American Heroes.

This unique project came about in a rare moment of quiet reflection. Near his home there is a bridge where American Flags and Service Flags are displayed in honor of a young man lance corporal Shayne Matthew Cabino  who lost his life in Iraq in 2005.  The flags began to show damage and were in need of repairs. having a son-in-law who served in Iraq decided that he would repair or replace these symbols of honor as needed along with Shayne's Mother Jode and stepfather Tony. It was Jode's original idea to honor all of the service men and woman that made the ultimate sacrifice for our county. Although Shayne was a Marine and the bridge was dedicated to the Marines,  Jode wanted to remember everyone. 
During the course of this work, he thought to himself that there should be a special flag, symbolizing all heroes, of all of our Armed Forces . This flag would be dedicated to men and women everywhere who serve their country, with courage and honor.  He remembered the immortal words "SOME GAVE ALL" and the "Our Heroes" Flag was born.

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Why purchase the "Our Heroes" Flag?

To honor those individuals who give all of themselves, be they Army, Navy, Air-Force, Marine, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine.  who deserve to be recognized, we have created this special flag.

We believe the quote, "Some Gave - Some Gave All" speaks volumes and conveys a deep and heartfelt meaning. When flown from your home or office, this flag bears the message that there is a hero amoung us.   GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS 

Also, by purchasing a flag you are giving something back to our heroes because a percentage of the revenue will be donated to the USO.

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The important symbolism of
The "Our Heroes" Flag

The text and style displayed in this flag were designed with great care. You will read the words "SOME GAVE" and then,  a field of black space. You may ask yourself why is the empty black space in the center of the flag?

It has been purposely designed to represent a moment of silence or a moment of reflection to consider the phrase "SOME GAVE".  When you then follow by reading "SOME GAVE ALL" you understand that the individual this flag was purchased for is giving all they have, even life if necessary, for   their country. 

It is important that we, as Americans, take the time to reflect upon those who are called to serve and remember both the individual and their sacrifices.

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Customizing your "Our Heroes" Flag.

Many of our clients have personalized their flags! We suggest that you customize your flag too! Let people know which "hero" you are honoring! This can be done in many different ways. Below are only some examples of the ways which your flag can be specific. Please contact us for more information.

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We are the proud creators of the "Our Heroes" Flag. Designed by Tom Hewitt and Anne Walker in recognition of the service that our veterans do everyday.   Please see our other flag coming soon to the web site.

Our goal is to have the Our Heroes' Flag easily recognized and flown. We are deeply passionate about our business and devoted to providing the best possible product and service. 

If you need a flag for your civic group or club, corporation or organization, your school, your government, or other municipality let us  help you in choosing your product. Our desire is to become one of the largest distributors of flags, and accessories in the USA.

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The "Our Heroes" Product Line

We offer the following products for you to demonstrate your support of "Our Heroes". These items also make wonderful gift for the heroes in your life. Please contact us to place your order today.

  • Banners
  • Auto Magnets
  • Key-chains
  • Pens

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